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Eigelsteintorburg/ Citytower

Distance from hotel: 0.1 km
The Eigelsteintorburg (Kölsch Eijelsteinspooz) is one of four remaining Citytower receive the medieval city walls in Cologne. The Eigelsteintorburg can be rented for private parties and is located near the Hotel Coellner Hof.

Distance from hotel: 0.6 km >>

Distance from hotel: 0.6 km >>

Distance from hotel: 0.8 km >>

Distance from hotel: 0.8 km >>

Distance from hotel: 0.9 km >>

Distance from hotel: 1.0 km >>

Distance from hotel: 1.2 km >>

Cologne City Hall

Distance from hotel: 1.3 km
The Historic Cologne City Hall, located in the center of Cologne city center (old town) is to look at because of its the oldest town hall in Germany. His documented building history covers a period of over 800 years. The administrative buildings of the Historical Town Hall are a monument within the meaning of Memorial Protection Act of North Rhine estphalia.

St. Martin Church Cologne

Distance from hotel: 1.3 km
Great St. Martin is one of the twelve great Roman churches in Cologne city center. It stands in the historic center and is closely remodels with historicist residential and commercial buildings from the 1970s and 1980s.

The Old Town

Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
   During World War II approximately 72 percent of the city area of Cologne was destroyed. The city centre, full of rubble, resembled a horrible battlefield - the picturesque part of the Old Town was destroyed nearly completely and had to be rebuild in drudgingly precious work. 

Cologne cable car

Distance from hotel: 1.5 km
Take off for Fun Sky-High!

Distance from hotel: 1.5 km >>

Distance from hotel: 1.7 km >>

Rhein Harbour

Distance from hotel: 2.2 km
Rhein Harbour!

Lanxess Arena Cologne

Distance from hotel: 2.3 km >>

Cologne Stadium

Distance from hotel: 5.9 km
The Rhein Energie STADION  is a football stadium in Cologne's district Müngersdorf. Its precursor was the Müngersdorfer stadium, which had been build in the same spot in 1923 and (was) rebuild in 1975. Today's stadium was build between 2002 and 2004.